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Advice & Guidance

Woman-to-woman Mentoring
Benefit from the experience of a woman who was confronted with similar health challenges to yours and who solved them in a sustainable and effective way.

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Guidance for

happy periods 

  • Symptoms before and during periods: understand the causes

  • Learn how you can impact your cycle and period symptoms on a daily basis: lifestyle/nutrition/habits

  • Learn what are the different available solutions

  • Learn why hormonal contraceptives are usually not a solution

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Improve your fertility

  • Learn how to assess your fertility yourself and recognize fertile days

  • Learn what you can do to prepare your body before getting pregnant

  • Learn which factors can impact your fertility

  • Discover how functional medicine can help you improve your fertility by exploring the root causes of fertility issues (as an alternative or complement to medically assisted reproduction methods)

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The different methods of contraception

  • Which birth control method is best for me?

  • Starting hormonal contraceptive: What you need to know (advantages and disadvantages)

  • Effects of hormonal contraceptives on the physiology, psyche and emotions

  • Coming off hormonal birth control: what to expect?

  • Natural/ hormone-free options: advantages and disadvantages

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Be in tune with your cycle

  • Physical and psychological effects of your hormones depending on the cycle phase 

  • Learn how to adapt to the changing rhythm of your body

  • Know how to recognise menstrual cycle dysfunctions

  • Learn how a healthy cycle looks like

  • Practical tips: Increase your well-being throughout the cycle

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Find optimal balance at each of your life stages

  • Learn how to improve your sleep, digestion, menstrual cycle, skin, energy and vitality

  • Understand the causes of symptoms and imbalances

  • Physical activity, nutrition/digestion and rest: learn how to adapt your habits and choices according to the different phases of your cycle


  • Entretien*

    *ne substitue en aucun cas un avis médical ou professionnel
    • Appel téléphonique ou vidéo 50-60min
    • Evaluation de votre problématique / votre parcours de santé
    • Clarification de vos besoins, valeurs et préférences
    • Définition de vos buts de santé
    • Recevez des informations sur vos options (approches ...)
    • Recevez un conseil personnalisé et posez vos questions
    • Orientation vers le soutien ou les professionnels** adéquats
    • **ci-dessous: les profiles de compétences de nos partenaires
    • **Leur disponibilité ne peut pas être garantie
  • Beratung*

    *ersetzt in keinem Fall medizinischen oder fachlichen Rat
    • 50-60 min Telefon- oder Videogespräch
    • Evaluation Ihrer Problematik / Situation
    • Abklärung Ihrer Bedürfnisse, Werte und Präferenzen
    • Definition Ihrer Gesundheitsziele
    • Sie Lerner über Ihre Optionen (Ansätze, Therapien...)
    • Sie erhalten persönliche Beratung und stellen Ihre Fragen
    • Orientierung über geeignete Fachleute** / Unterstützung
    • **Siehe unten die Kompetenzprofilen unserer Partner
    • **Die Verfügbarkeit kann nicht garantiert werden
  • Consultation*

    *does not in any way substitue medical / professional advice
    • 50-60 min call (phone or video call)
    • Analysis of your problem / your health journey
    • Clarification of your needs, values and preferences
    • Definition of your health goals
    • Learn about your options (therapies, approaches...)
    • Receive personalised advice and ask your questions
    • Orientation to the right specialists** / support system
    • **see below the competence profiles of our partners
    • **Their availability cannot be guaranteed


Partner Network

Médecin qui écoute une patiente ravie

Medical Doctors

BODYA collaborates with medical doctors who focus on the root causes of health conditions (functional medicine / integrative medicine) and who have adopted an individualised, whole-body medical approach.

What you bring with you

Femme qui se relève après une difficulté

to change

The activation of one's self-healing capacity requires a change in perspective: changing your perception of yourself, changing the way you take care of yourself and you respond to your environment. The readiness to question and change one's habits and behaviours are essentials in order to fully benefit from BODYA's programmes and support.

Femme resiliente qui court

Resilience &

Healing is a journey (and not a straight one). It takes time. You will experience ups and downs which doesn't mean that you won't experience improvement quickly. The ability to demonstrate resilience and perseverance are key in the journey toward healing.

Femme qui désire apprendre

Openess &

It's totally normal to be discouraged and tired if you feel like you tried it all and nothing worked. Our goal is to give you a new perspective about your health. It's an invitation to self-discover: listen with curiosity and openness to what your body is trying to communicate through symptoms in order to understand et respond accordingly

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