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BODYA is specialised in advanced women's care (restorative medical approaches, functional medicine) and female health education. 

We aim to bridge the existing gaps in knowledge and information about the female physiology, the menstrual cycle, hormones and women's health in general. Furthermore, our intention is to increase awareness about medical practices that are restorative and respectful of the body. 

We believe in bringing together conventional medicine, functional medicine and alternative medicines in a coordinated way. Thus, benefiting from both world: the latest, cutting edge science and traditional healing methods.

We are committed to provide the best information & science and share the latest available research data in an intuitively understandable way. 


BODYA's Team

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Dr méd. Tatjana Barras- Kubski

  • Dr. méd, Généraliste, spécialisée dans la médecine de la femme

  • Spécialiste des méthodes de contraception naturelle, observation du cycle et de la MAMA

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Dr méd. Marion Ombelli

  • Dr. méd. Gynécologie et Obstétrique, gynécologie-obstétrique opératoire

  • Praticienne en médecine fonctionnelle

  • Mind-body medicine

Sophie BDC_Pic IX_edited_edited.jpg

Sophie Bole-du-Chomont

  • Diététicienne formée en nutrition

  • Approche fonctionnelle

  • Nutrition clinique

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Xavier Kern

  • Dr. en Médecine Naturelle (USA)

  • Praticien en médecine fonctionnelle

  • Ingénieur biomédical

BODYA's founder

BODYA's founder

Aurélie Sermier created the platform BODYA with the aim of empowering women in relation to their health and well-being. Understanding how her body and hormones work, has been key to freeing herself from her health challenges. Surrounded by a team of outstanding health experts, Aurélie would like to share her precious resources and experience to help women be in harmony with their own bodies


  • Master in Business Innovation, University of St. Gallen

  • Certificate in Physiology, HMX Fundamentals at Harvard Medical School

  • Trainings: Hormones and Female Cycle Disorders and Treatment, Symptothermal Method, Dr. med. T. Barras-Kubski

  • Training: Phytotherapy in Gynecology, Société Suisse de Phytothérapie Médicale (SSPM/SMGP)

  • Training: Mitochondrial Medicine, GANZIMMUN

  • Training: Micro-Ecological Diagnostics and Therapies, GANZIMMUM

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How it all started

Freebie Hormone imbalance (4)_edited.jpg


Particularly painful & 
debilitating menstrual cycles

Since her very first menstrual cycle at 13, every month it is all happening again... Aurélie, the founder of BODYA, suffers from various debilitating symptoms before & during her periods. Her experiences with conventional therapeutic methods have left a bitter aftertaste...

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10+ years of investigation &
education in health related topics

In parallel to her academic studies, the young Swiss student decides to take her health into her own hands. She starts educating herself extensively about various topics related to woman's health. Determined to unravel the underlying causes of her health condition, she is willing to find an effective and lasting solution respectful of the body (without synthetic hormones).  

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Finding the right
health experts 

Throughout her journey, she had the chance to get to know medical doctors & therapists who have adopted a restorative approach to health (also known as functional or integrative medicine) with whom she collaborates closely to concretize the platform BODYA

Our Mission

Corps d'une femme au naturel


We help women find balance in their bodies at every stage of life.

Our 3 key principles:

1. Looking for the causes instead  of managing symptoms

2. Taking into account the impact of lifestyle choices, nutrition & the environment on health

3. Individualised, whole-body approach using natural and gentle methods whenever possible.

Femme ménopausée bien dans son corps


Our purpose is to improve understanding and knowledge of the female body.

Our 3 main goals:

1. Enable women to understand their body and take charge of their health autonomously.

2. Fill the knowledge 

gap regarding female physiology

3. Encourage medical practices that work in harmony with the female physiology.

Femme faisant de la recherche pour comprendre son corps et ses hormones


We provide knowledge and educational content based on the latest scientific research and insights in the field of women's health. Education enables women to gain autonomy and make informed choices to support their health.

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